Is it a plug-in to an existing App or website? Section

Yes it is! Vüoow is a plug-in that seamlessly integrates with any existing App or website to give it Vüoow features.

How easy is it to integrate? How long it takes?


Could you help customize to our business needs?

Yes, we can!  Vüoow integration team is ready to fully customize its functionality based on your specific company needs. 

What's the bandwidth requirement?


Can we swap between video and screen sharing?

Yes you can! Vüoow was designed to easily transfer between voice, video, and screen-share calling functions. 

Is it cross platform?

Yes it is! Vüoow is functional across all major platforms including: IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Safari. 

How does it work if I need to invite someone?

Vüoow provides two options to invite someone to a call.

  • Email a private link to connect securely.
  • Text a private link to connect securely. 

How does it work without installing an App?

Vüoow functions can plug-in to any existing company app or website through API/SDK Integration. 

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